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Tagged by NoxKore 

Thanks for the tag, you gave some great questions :D

1. What's your favorite medium? Do you combine mediums?
I do mostly digital work now, so there isn't a distinctive medium that I use. In the past, ink has been a favourite of mine. I've been doing altered Magic the Gathering art for a friend of mine with acrylic paint, which I really like using as well :)
2. What gets you pumped to do art? Honestly I'm always trying to seek things that inspire me to draw, watching a movie, TV series or playing a game will often be enough to get me going :D 
3. Is there a favorite food you eat before/during/after you do art? I almost always have a cup of tea before I draw haha, then maybe one after ;)
4. What type of things do you like to do art about the most? I wish I could do more nature oriented work with environments and natural animals. The things I usually do are single characters like monsters and people. Recently I haven't been doing too many OCs but I plan on doing them soon. They are usually darker themed, which seems to be what work with me :D
5. Your whole life in art is destroyed in a fire (supplies, copies, originals, contacts, etc. You are decimated.). Do you restart or give up? I'd definitely restart. The creation is lost, but the creator still has the knowledge and ability to replicate or do better than what was lost.  
6. How much time do you spend on the pc? Far too much lol
7. Do you sometimes make art in public in hopes of getting noticed or is it mostly private for you? I've never done art in the street or anything like that, I'm far too critical of my work to go and do it in public. Not to mention I'm mostly digital now lol
8. What is your favorite time to make art? Afternoon, evenings or night. Basically anytime I'm feeling the most alert is when I'm most likely to do art.
9. If it meant you would get unlimited supplies for your work would you shoot yourself in the leg? Most definitely not, stupidity shouldn't be rewarded. I like to earn my things like any other man or woman :D
10. When did you get serious about making art? At the start of this year, there was a very defined point where I began. I basically did doodles in Christmas cards (Christmas zombies) during December 2016. Somebody really liked the doodles and asked me to do some artwork for them (an A3 walking dead comic strip to be precise). Somebody else was also interested in me doing some artwork for them, after completing the first piece the other person was quick to ask for something similar (another walking dead strip). This basically got me started with making art seriously :D 
11. What made you want to make art? Basically any character or thing that I really like inspires me to draw, usually in the description of my work I explain my thoughts on the thing that I drew :) Comic books were also a big inspiration to me, Judge Dredd, watchmen and spawn being the biggest. There is also a release when I complete a drawing that is unlike anything else, the people who view my work are also a huge driving force for me to make more :)
12. Do you like to collab with other artist or is solo your game? I always create work alone, although I really enjoy interacting with other artists doing requests and trades :D
13. Do you like it when other people work off of your art for like inspiration or maybe a whole rework of your original piece? (credit is given, no one likes thieves) I wouldn't mind it if I was comfortable with my artwork, but at the moment I'm still trying to figure things out. I don't want to get too deep into this one because my opinions are divided and I would start to ramble haha.

Well, there it is. Thanks again for the questions NoxKore they were really fun and different :)
I won't be tagging anyone because I don't want people feeling obliged to do it :)
I decided to try out paladins recently, after having a conversation about it with a friend of mine. I gravitated towards the character Kinessa, so decided to draw her. I've been messing around with the image size for a while, but can't seem to find a way for this one to fit without zoom (I guess it's due to the canvas being tall and narrow).  
Thank you all for stopping by, you're much appreciated :D
I've been tagged yet again by the wonderful SolarRadiance 
I must comply :D 
Disclaimer: I'm not big on favouritism, so my answers are super weird and would change day to day.

⋆ gender: Male
⋆ sexuality: Straight
⋆ height: Jeez 5'10 or 5'11, I can barely remember the last time I measured my height haha
⋆ zodiac: Scorpio
⋆ eye color: Turquoise-grey 
⋆ hair color: Dark brown
⋆ relationship status: Single :p
⋆ favorite color: Gotta go red for a single colour (something colourless with a hint of red looks so good to me)
⋆ favorite song: Really depends on my mood, think I'll go with Don't Stop Believin' by journey because of the energy it gives me.(The stuff I listen to varies so much, I'm always down for some 70s and 80s :D
⋆ favorite band / artist: I've definitely listened to Gorillaz the most, so I guess I'll go with them :D
⋆ favorite youtuber: Gotta go with CinemaSins I think, because of the content quality and upload schedule. (I tried to go for strictly YouTubers, for the most part I listen to podcast channels haha)
⋆ favorite food: I don't really indulge in food a great deal, but hot dam I'm always down for a Thai curry :D
⋆ favorite family member: I'd rather not haha
⋆ favorite bird: Raven by an astronomical amount (I'm a big fan of the crow family in general), birds of prey will always be rad but let's be real they're dinosaurs.  
⋆ favorite animal: The animal that intrigues me the most is easily the octopus. I can't figure out what my favourite land dwelling animal would be though, Ants really interest me, it's so hard to define a single favourite haha. 
⋆ favorite celebrity: One of the people that has influenced me the most is Todd Mcfarlance so I guess I'll call him my favourite celebrity haha. Celebrity is extremely broad, it's very hard for me to give a definitive answer.
⋆ favorite time of day: Gotta say afternoon or evening.
⋆ favorite season: Summer or Autumn (autumn is easily my favourite for beauty, but I like hot weather considering I'm in the UK)
⋆ favorite fruit: Apples, I love me some dates though :3
⋆ favorite flower: I think I've got to go with poppies because of the significance they hold and how beautiful poppy fields look :3
⋆ favorite emoji(s): I guess I'll go with the heart because we could all use a little love :D
⋆ favorite app: Don't have a mobile or tablet :/ 
⋆ favorite hobby: Drawing of course :D
⋆ favorite weather: Foggy
⋆ favorite element: Earth
⋆ favorite language: English.
⋆ name of your crush: Nobody haha
⋆ name of your pet(s): Lilly (cat) Rosie and daisy (chickens, there was a third one which died but I've forgotten it's name. I would ask someone but they're all asleep, daisy could be the dead one for all I know haha) my sister has guinea pigs but I've completely forgotten their names (I'm terrible with names). I also have a snake, gecko and two tarantulas but I never named them :/ 
⋆ name of your best friend: Aiden 
⋆ introvert or extrovert: Super introvert. 
⋆ nerdy or sassy: Gah jeez, I guess I lean more towards nerdy but I can be quite a pest. I like to think of myself as something else :D
⋆ tall or short: Not entirely sure what this means considering I said my height earlier haha
⋆ looks or personality: Personality
⋆ homesick or traveler: Extremely homesick, I used to always have dreams of being lost unable to find my way back home. Honestly the most terrifying dreams I've ever had. 
⋆ musician or artist: Artist
⋆ woods or city: Most definitely woods, nature is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. 
⋆ tv or youtube: YouTube
⋆ phone or computer: Computer
⋆ family or money: Family
⋆ books or movies: Movies, although I've recently started reading a lot more than watching films. Books are really growing on me which I'm happy about.
⋆ food or sleep: Strange comparison haha. I've gone to sleep feeling peckish many times, so sleep I guess :D

This one was a bit of a mess so I apologise for that. As always I won't be tagging anyone to avoid them feeling obliged :)
Tagged by SolarRadiance twice ;)
Buckle up because this'll be more than 20Q :D

13 things about myself (I apologise in advance for them, I found it pretty tricky haha)

1) When I was younger I used to speedrun the halo games, getting within the top 3 global speeds on a fair few levels :D
2) I read comics/graphic novels, spawn is by far my favourite comicbook character (I've got a big old collection of graphic novels and comics)
3) Judge Dredd was the first comic I ever read, I must have been really young considering how vague the memories are :D
4) I played pool with a professional rugby player (I broke, he then proceeded to beat me in his first turn. Still mad) 
5) I recently finished a Game of Thrones binge after realising that I should really catch up (I got up to season 3 then stopped watching for some reason).
6) Carrying on from above, Sandor Clegane (or maybe Bronn) is my favourite Game of Thrones character despite him not being very pivotal. 
7) I used to be obsessed with spiders when I was a kid, I've owned over 7 tarantulas since then (although I'm not crazy about them now).
8) I alter magic the gathering cards. I don't play the game any more, but I have a bunch of cards so that's what I do with them :D
9) I once went on a long mountain bike ride without realising I had locked the bikes suspension, not fun.
10) I only started drawing again after somebody saw a drawing I did in a Christmas card (December 2016).
They then contacted me commissioning me to draw something for one of their friends. It encouraged me to pick up the pencil again.
11) I was terrified when the Large Hadron Collider was created, thinking it would create a black hole that would devour the world.
I now know there isn't anything to fear about.
12) When I woke up after being put to sleep for surgery (had a polyp removed from my face lol) I was advised to stay in the hospital bed until the next day,
I immediately stood up quickly leaving the hospital (everyone found it pretty hilarious)

13) I have an extra rib on my left side (I guess you could say I have a spare rib *b-dum tsss*)

Without further ado let's move on to the questions.

1. Do you have a favourite element on the periodic table?
Uranium (Uranium rock) haven't looked at a periodic table in a while, if I had a favourite I've forgotten it :D
2. What is your favourite season? What's your least favourite?
I've got to say summer considering it's the only time we catch the sun in England (Although Autumn is easily the most beautiful). Winter is easily my least favourite. When I was working in construction during winter (before I started drawing again) I couldn't feel my fingers because of the cold, I would grasp light bulbs to briefly warm my hands up. 
3. Do you favor a particular fashion style?
hahaha I wish, jeez, I only have about 2 or 3 sets of clothes for going out. I usually wear tight/skinny jeans (used to wear cargo trousers) and a big military looking coat. I want to get some nice circular shades though :D
4. If you have any OC's, which two do you ship together?
Don't entirely understand this one haha, please help me.
5. What's your favourite cartoon series?
Ah jeez this is a tricky one, there are three that stand out from my childhood Teen Titans, Grim adventures of billy and mandy and Codename Kids Next door. I'd probably have to say grim adventures overall but codename kids next door is a close contender, it had some really rad episodes.
 6. Do you have a lucky number? What is it?
Not entirely but I always use the number 117 in usernames and whatnot. It's master chiefs spartan tag number, it's got a nice ring to it :D
(I've been using it since 2007)
7. Do you have a favourite Broadway musical?
*googles Broadway musicals* Gotta go with Phantom of the Opera.
8. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
Honestly I'd like a power that allowed me to rewrite the ideology of people. I know kind of lame, considering you could potentially change that with words, but I am powerless to do so. 
Why? Because a world of peace doesn't sound so far fetched when ideologies are the same. Jeez, am I a villain? 
9. What colour are your eyes?
*Proceeds to look in mirror despite knowing colour of eyes* Honestly, they're kinda grey and slightly dark turquoise.
10. Do you prefer a sunrise, or a sunset?
Most definitely a sunset :D
11. What's your favourite planet?
Gotta go with Mars, it has inspired many super rad illustrations and ideas. I'm also a fan of it's warm colour :D
12. Are you a lefty or a righty? Or Both?
Righty, I think it would be pretty rad being ambidextrous though :D
13. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
Yikes, considering I like to beat myself up a lot this one's tricky lol.
I think I like how I'm always able to make light of a situation, I'm also easily amused (maybe going insane?) :D

Round 2 *ding ding*

1. single or taken?
Super single 
2. favourite colour?
Ah, hard one. I like certain colour combinations a lot (e.g. I really like green and cyan together) but in terms of a singular colour, I think I've got to say red.
In general, warm colours are my favourites
3. favourite food?
Gotta go with noodley stuff :D
4. favourite sweets?
SKITTLES, dam I used to bounce all over the place after eating them :D
5. dog or cat?
Cat, much better looking and have very interesting personalities. I have a cat :3
6. tea or coffee?
Got to go with tea, it's a lot easier on my stomach but doesn't have as much of a kick which could be a bad thing.
7. ice cream, cake, or ice cream cake?
 Cake my dude :D
8. favourite vacation spot?
A jeez this is a tricky one, I'm not a big fan of where I go with my family now. I used to love going to Englewood, Florida though (been three times).
There are plenty of beautiful places out there I'm sure I'd love to see myself :D
9. favourite meme?
I'm always down for some star wars prequel memes (Anakin himself is pretty much a meme).
10. favourite movie?
hmm, I think I've got to give it to Pulp Fiction. I'm super down for any film in the 80s or 90s though :D
11. do you have a crush?
12. does your crush know?
What is knowing when you don't exist? haha
13. does your crush have a crush on you?
For sure stop with the crush stuff.
14. do you know your crush likes you?
15. favourite day of the week?
16. which media platform/app do you use the most?
DeviantArt is my most viewed website so I guess DA? :D
17. day or night?
hm, I guess it depends where I am. I get crazy during the night, so I'll go with night.
18. snowy or rainy?
We get enough rain over here so I have to go with snowy, so long as it's heavy. It's really comforting when you're inside and it's raining though.
19. which platform do you play on most?

Ok, that took longer than I expected. I don't want to make anyone feel obliged to do one of these so I won't be tagging anyone, however, if you wish to do one be sure to hit me up and I'll send some questions your way ;)

I've been planning on drawing another xenomorph/alien after seeing the backburster scene from Alien covenant. I didn't see the film after seeing the response from fans, although I kind of wanted to go so that I could see more of the neomorph. This probably seems a little late in relevance to the film, but I came down with an awful virus as soon as I started drawing this :/
Either way I'm feeling better now and finally managed to finish this. I hope you guys like it, have a wonderful day :)


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